Kennel Harthavens is owned by me , Anna Andersson Karlegård and my husband Jörgen Andersson. Our major aim with our breeding is to breed typical, sound Irish setters well suited for hunting.  Every year we like to spend a couple of weeks in the Swedish fjälls hunting with our dogs.


Harthavens Killer On The Loose 2004


My first Irish setter was E'Killarney Rose of Trawricka, "Mischa" bred by Ms Francis McKimm, Belgium. She was an outstanding speciment of the breed in many ways. Great hunting skills  with excellent pointing instinct.


Unfortunatly she was not given alot of opportunities to show her ability in hunting but mostly competed in obedience, where she was very successful.

Mischa had two litters and in the first litter one dog puppy was sold back to Francis McKimm , Belgium winner 93 VDH CH Lux Ch Harthavens Amber Pride. He became a very successful show dog and also became show champion in two different countries.

Harthavens Billion Dollar Baby "Duschka" was born in her second litter


She became the mother of three litter and we decided that Harthavens Dancing In The Moonlight  " Zita" born in her second litter in 1996 was the one which best represented a typical Irish setter. Zita had two litters. The first time she was mated in 2001 to D Sh Ch Chutney and had a litter of five puppies.


We kept a lovely little bitch called Harthavens Carrera " Nova" but lost her very tradigically when she was only 8 month old.

Zita was mated a second time in 2002 with a very strong hunting dog, Ängledals Garr. In this litter our  beautiful little princess Harthavens Dedication "Viva" was born. She brought the joy back to us after our terrible loss of Nova.


Viva has been mated twice. The first time in 2005 with S Field trial Ch Duggas B Bjärven. In this litter only 7 dogs were born and we decided to keep Harthavens Eros, my pride and joy! A very talented young dog in hunting.

 Harthavens Eros

In October 2006 Viva went to Norway to be mated to J Neadalens Lp-A Scott. She produced a lovely litter of 8 puppies born in December 2006. We have decided to keep pretty little Harthavens Storma.


We don't haven litters very often, only when we want a new dog ourselves. Usually we just have a litter every second or third year. Our puppies live in the kitchen for the first couple of weeks and when they start to move around more we keep them in a special puppyroom in our basement


Puppies born during the warmer season spend most of their time outdoor since we believe this makes them healthy and strong.









When the puppies are between seven and eight weeks we start testing their pointing instinct with the help of a wing. Not all puppies point when they are eight weeks and this doesn't mean that much, but it's always great fun to see their reaction.

Harthavens Eros is pointing the wing at the age of nine weeks..


My second passion in life is my beautiful 5-year old warmblood mare Hedwig. I bought her in 2005 as a 3-year old and for me she is a fantastic dream come true. She is sired by D-Day- Furioso III-Hertigen. She is a very promising individual for dressage with three lovely gates, especially her canter which is very balanced for such a young horse. My plan is to start competing her in the spring 2007.

  We like to do a little jumping as well just for exercise. Here with trainer Ulrika Utterberg, october 2006

 Jörgen's  second passion in life is his little red Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior -73. During season he loves to drive this car on different race tracks in Sweden.






Kennel Harthavens - Edeby Lindås 153 92 Hölö-tel- +8 551 59 206