Harthavens Eros

A distinct type of type of dog, called setters, existed by the beginning of the eighteenth century; and  not much later, there was a recognizable variant peculiar to Ireland.

This Irish setter was bred by sporting gentleman for their own use and their main task was to search large areas for wild game. The work of an Irish setter is the same as that of a Pointer, English or Gordon setter, wether it is for field trials or shooting. They all hunt methodically and systematically to locate birds by scent, then point and ultimately "flush" them or put the birds to flight in such manner that they can be shot.

The scent of game birds is carried on air by the wind so a Setter must carry its head well up to pick up this scent and should never drop its nose to the ground and follow foot scent. When the dog scents the birds it should "freeze" on "point" and wait while the handler walks to it. The "guns" are then positioned on either side of the dog, which is then given permission to flush the birds. The "guns" must be moving with the handler and dog so they will be in a good position to shoot the birds. When the birds fly the dog must drop as flat as possible so they don't risk being harmed by the guns.




GENERAL APPEARANCE   Must be racy, balanced and full of quality. In conformation, proportionate.   

CHARACTERISTICS    Most handsome and refined in looks, tremendously active with untiring readiness to range and hunt under any conditions.







 Harthavens Eros


Should be long and lean, and not coarse at the ears. The skull oval (from ear to ear), having plenty of brain room, and with well defined occipital protuberance. From the occiput to stop and from stop to tip of nose to be parallel and of euqal length, brows raised showing stop. Muzzle moderatly deep, fairly square at end. Jaws of nearly of nearly equal length, flews not pendulous, nostrils wide. Color of nose dark mahogany, dark walnut or black.

EYES Dark hazel to dark brown, not too large, preferably like an unshelled almond in shape, set level under brows showing kind, intelligent expression

EARS Of moderate size, fine in texture, set on low, well back and hanging in a neat fold close to the head

Should be of moderate length, very muscular, but not too thick, slightly arched. Free from all tendency to throatiness, setting cleanly without a break of topline into shoulders.

Chest as deep as possible, rather narrow in front. Ribs well sprung leaving plenty of lungroom and carried well back to muscular loin, slightly arched. Firm straight topline gently sloping downwards from withers.

Shoulders fine at points, deep and sloping well back. Forelegs straight and sinewy having plenty of of bone, with elbows free, well let down and not inclined either in nor out.

HINDQUARTERS Wide and powerful. Hindlegs from hip to hock long and muscular, from hock to heel short and strong. Stifle and hock joints well bent and not inclined either in nor out.

FEET Small, very firm; toes strong, close together and arched.

MOVEMENT Free flowing,driving movement with true action when viewed from front and rear, and in profile, showing perfect coordination.

Should be of moderate lenght, proportionate to the size of the body, set on rather low, strong at the root, and tapering to a fine point; to be carried as nearly as possible on a level with or below the back.

On head, front of  legs and tips of the ears, short and fine, on all other parts of body and legs  of moderate lenght, flat, and as free as possible from curl or wave.

The feather on the upper portion of the ears should be long and silky; on the back of fore and hind legs should be long and fine; a fair amount of hair on the belly, forming a nice fringe, which may extend on the chest and throat. Feet to be well feathered between the toes. Tail to have a nice fringe of moderately long hair, decreasing in lenght as it approaches the point. All feathering to be as straight and as flat as possible.

COLOUR AND MARKINGS  Rich  chestnut, with no trace of black. White on chest, throat, chin or toes, or a small star or a narrow streak or blaze on the nose or face not to disqualify.

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